Recalibration for rehiring

Recalibration programme of the Government of Malaysia

The Labor Recalibration Program regularizes illegal immigrants in the country as foreign workers who could be employed by eligible employers subject to stringent conditions determined by the government through the Immigration Department.

The Government of Malaysia had launched Recalibration Program encompassing two main components:

  • 1. Recalibration Program (Return to home country) : Implemented from 16 Nov 2020 to 30th June 2022. Appointment with immigration for payment of fine Click Here

  • 2. Recalibration Program (Rehiring) : Registration – from 16 Nov 2020 to 31 Dec 2021 for illegal immigrants who are in the country.

Fingerprinting and Medical Screeing: still open upto 31st August 2022

Eligible Sectors: Manufacturing; Construction; Services; Plantation; Agriculture; Mining and Quarrying

Elegibility conditions: The procedure is subject to the following-

  • ● Quota approval by the Malaysian Labour Department – JTKSM to the Malaysian employer
  • ● Compliance with existing conditions of employment of foreign workers such as levy payments, pass eligibility etc.
  • ● Employer/Company not to bein Suspected List and Blacklist of the High Commission of India.

■ Programme cost:

The programme involves a deposit of RM500 per employee, Recalibration fees of RM1,500 per employee, as well as other fees including:

Levy Payment Rates
Sector Payment rates
Manufacturing RM 1,850
Construction RM 1,850
Plantation RM 640
Agriculture RM 640
Mining & Quarrying RM 1,850
Services RM 1,850
  • ● FOMEMA (Foreign Worker’s Medical Examination) examination
  • ● RM125 processing fee
  • ● RM60 for PLKS
  • ● Visa fees depending on the citizenship of the worker.


Payment of fees should be made by either credit or debit card to the Malaysian
Immigration. Cash payment is not accepted.

Process for applying at the High Commission of India


Sample forms/documents